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Church Street Station

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They also have a new outdoor mall off the Polk Parkway and Hardman (I believe) and from what I hear it is slowly killing Lakeland Square. Did you go by there by any chance?

No I didn't know it existed, I will have to check it out. What are its major anchors? I know there is another enclosed mall in Polk near Lake Wales, I went there when it was new and again recently, not many national retailers there and not very well kept.

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Lots of permitting this month including applying for the 1st floor interior demo.  

Yes - employees that park in that lot have been advised that the lot will be gone in the coming weeks 

I've long thought the Creative Village was more PR to get the new arena built than anything else when no one wanted to hand a penny to Rich DeVos. Grand urban projects of that sort rarely amount to an

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This location is too visible for such trash. Do not forget that something as offensive, cheap and hulking as this is going to forever distort the views of City Hall and everything else around it. Up until this point, the Suntrust cluster has been lucky enough to have a group of buildings that (for better or worse) speak in a common language and work well together. Now, we get something that not only clashes with EVERYTHING around it (where does the inspiration for this design come from?), but even more offensive, is completely uninspired.

It is always one step forward, two steps back in Orlando.

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Put me in the "I like it" column too.

Or even the "I REALLY like it." column if there is one.

To hell with the so-called "Suntrust cluster".

More of a "cluster-f-ck" IMO.

Suntrust is a nice looking building with a stupid looking roofline.

The rest of the buildings are all just stumps & stubs.

Block that crap out with anything you can, I say.

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The style of the design compliment 55 West. 55 West and this Hilton will create a giant wall. The skyline view from Lake Lucerne will look a lot more better though.

It is funny that the Arena going to build a 15 story glass tower with observation deck on top, then you have this 25 stories giant wall building directly across from it to block everything.

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What do you really like about it?

I like the 7th window in from the left on the 18th floor. That window really does it for me. :P

Seriously...what kind of question is that? I just like the way it looks. I don't see anything "cheap" about it.

I think you got your wish.

And keep in mind re: the buildings behind it including Suntrust & City Hall, etc.

As you approach downtown along eastbound I-4, you're actually approaching from the south & that is the narrow end of the building. All those other buildings will still be visible until you get right up on the hotel.

The same will be true approaching from the opposite direction.

Also... this being Orlando, chances are it'll never get built anyway.

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