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Iraq is just like Detroit


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Although I would never compare Detroit to Hell, he has a point about this:

"Well, in fact, in many places it's as safe and cared for as Detroit or Harvey, Illinois, or some other places that have trouble with armed violence that takes place on occasion."

Remember, he insulted the crminals and the government that doesn't do anything to stop them, not the average Detroit resident. So I don't think he should apologize.

"It's absurd to compare Detroit and Iraq in any way," James Canning, the spokesman for Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, said Wednesday. "Unfortunately, for years people have beat up on the city of Detroit. Detroit is the word for negative. We are working very hard to transform that image of our city."

Negative it is and he admits it. Well, that image hasen't fully been transformed yet, so the negativity continues, and understandably so.

I really think there is more to his comments. I think this is a strong messege to the mayors of these two cities to stop sitting on their asses and start working and not just talking. Let's see how far Kilpatricks recent crime prevention announcements get. Every state of the city address, we hear the same thing over and over. When will people realize that all politicians do is talk. Kwame will not solve Detroit's major problems, never.

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I think one could find a nugget of truth within the statement, unfortunately, Walberg is a terrible messenger, and the comments is really stretching it.

This dude is one of those closed-minded, bigoted "family values" Republican who was seriously contested last November in a district where he shouldn't have had any competition, whatsoever. He won a 51-46 race, but should have cleaned up in his district as he was challeneged by a no-name, organic-farming liberal Democrat, Sharon Renier. She spent just $55,721 to Walberg's $1,160,000, and almost won the district.

Again, you may be able to take a little truth from the comment, but to be quite frank, the guy is a prick. In other words, I think he may very well be right, but I'm still attacking the messenger, too. But, even the message is a stretch, as the conflicts in Iraq and Detroit are so incredibly different it's not even funny. Actually, I don't even think his comment is even worth it given the differences. He reached to far to make a terrible point is what it comes down to to me.

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I always thought if it is a Republican touting how lovely and wonderful Iraq is, then they should be pulling out troops 5 months ago. Either that, or start lining up the tanks along Woodward. You can't have it both ways, ass.

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