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PROPOSED: Pittman St./Richmond Sq. Condos

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looking at the hybrid google map of this area - I'm assuming Waterman used to be a bridge - any historians know when it was torn down.

Seems like a really nice spot for high end condos. I'd like to know more about this:


"Last year, Brown and Ives Land Co. of Providence and The Aspen Group of North Reading, Mass., proposed building two eight-story condominiums near the planned Essex River project, at the end of Waterman Street next to the Henderson Bridge. Those buildings would reach nearly 100 feet and some in the community opposed them because of their height. Ground has not been broken on that project."

with the 5 story pink office building the 4 and 5 story condos proposed here and this 'Essex River" project, Richmond square could be transformed into a nice waterfront mid-rise urban spot with a park nearby (witherby).

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Interesting news...

I live about 2 blocks away from all of this. Certainly, Richmond Square has tons of potential, and this seems to take advantage of only a small bit of it...

For those who don't know Richmond Square well, it's actually a kind of odd little space with the above mentioned commercial buildings (a mix of quite attractive older structures and some banal newer ones) along the river with a beautiful view of the EP industrial waterfront (if that statement sounded like both admiration and a bit of a slap, you read it right). It's completely disconnected from Wayland Square proper by both a residential zone, a well-meaning park that only serves to hide Richmond Square, and a few institutions (nursing homes and the Salvation Army building whose denizens scare most residents and account for the reason why the park across the street rarely gets used).

While retail in Richmond Square would have been nice, I can't see any such space thriving there (unless it was restaurant space) until a serious rethinking of what Richmond Square is all about had taken place and unless there was a serious effort made to better link it pedestrian-wise to the rest of Wayland Square to the West (which, with the lack of comprehensive planning at the moment, is never going to happen)... So perhaps no retail there (which likely would have sat vacant) is a good thing.

Given current conditions, a nicely designed condo building dropped from space onto the parking lot there is about all we could hope for, but it certainly doesn't help Richmond Square live up to any of its natural potential, unless...

Jen, do you know if they plan to develop/landscape the waterfront into something the public could use? There's zero public waterfront on the Seekonk for Wayland residents right now...

- Garris

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