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North Carolina being considered for another major aircraft manufacturer?


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North Carolina being considered for another major aircraft manufacturer?

on the heels of Honda Aircraft Company selecting Greensboro for its world headquarter and Honda Jet manufacturing plant, North Carolina is on a list for another major aircraft company. This time its Rolls Royce which is looking at North Carolina as a potential site to build its jet engines. North Carolina and particularly the Triad is becoming a hot bed in the aviation industry. Two other companies plan to open airplane manufacturing facilities near Greensboro"

"The cost to do business in North Carolina, I don't want to say it's cheap, but in relative comparison ... you can't beat it," said Younger, who works out of Cessna headquarters in Wichita, Kan. "Greensboro may have been the best-kept secret on the East Coast."

Opus Aircraft in Rockingham County


Antilles Seaplanes near Greensboro


Other aviation related companies in Greensboro

Honda Aircraft Company in Greensboro


Timco Aviation Services in Greensboro


Atlantic-Aero Holdings in Greensboro


Comair Maintenance in Greensboro

Genesis Aviation in Greensboro


Danbee Aerospace in Greensboro


Cessna Service in Greensboro

aviation companies in other areas of NC

B/E Aerospace. Makes aircraft seats and interiors in Winston-Salem

General Electric. The company manufactures large jet engines in Durham, where it employs about 270. It also has an operation in Wilmington.

Goodrich. The Charlotte-based company sells products and services to aircraft and engine makers, airlines and the military. It employs more than 22,000 people worldwide.

The Triangle and maybe other areas in NC such as the Triad is being considered for the Rolls Royce jet engine plant

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Honestly this thread is incomprehensible in what it tries to put forth. This is because the topic started as just a set of links and quotes from newspapers which are against our rules. Why don't you try to find the original topic and add something in your own words on what is going on including the fact there is a manufacturer in Greensboro that is looking to start building Gruman's seaplanes again.

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