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Phoenix and Tempe...in wide angle.


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beautiful pics! i was running around phoenix all day saturday, and ended up feeling that there is hope for some decent downtown infill, long-term. it seems that tempe's relative progressiveness may act as the goad that downtown phoenix needs to cultivate some density and amenities that could eventually attract urban types. i do fear, though, that phoenix's downtown may continue to grow disproportionately slowly compared to the suburbs' rate of growth. still, there is plenty of fallow space downtown just waiting for development, and i think that in the long view (decades, not years) it will happen. i hope.

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I've been trying to catch the Phoenix skyline from I-10 Eastbound right past the I-17 interchange for a while and managed to get some good shots today. Also took a couple from the I-17 south of downtown.

These should wrap up the dedicated photography posts from me for a while...







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Those are great pix HX. I love seeing downtown from the different angles. It still annoys me that Downtown is so relatively small in comparison. Though if you add the number of highrises in Midtown to Downtowns highrise count it does create a slightly larger picture. But I do love seeing all those cranes everywhere.

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Nice pics. You know the overall health of the city is in good shape when you see the downtown with cranes and so forth instead of bulldozers out in the deserts edge.

As of now, Phoenix is in the process of adopting a Form Based Code. this will do wonders for the downtown area instead of the horrible, sprawling Euclidian Zoning that is in place as of now. Very innovative and is more efficient for developers and the city as a whole to create place.

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