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Metro Wheeling coming soon?


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Hopeful City Touts Metro

Article information: "Hopeful City Touts Metro, By CASEY JUNKINS, 3/26/2007, Wheeling News-Register/The Intelligencer"

Key --

1. Metro governments are more efficient and can boost population numbers -- important for Wheeling that has lost population every year since 1930!

2. Other cities, like Lexington and Louisville Ky, have demostrated that metro governments -- while time consuming to implement -- are well worth it in cost savings. A unified population also stands to market itself better as one brand.

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Speaking of population loss...

Local Communities Battle Population Loss

Key --

1. From 2001-2006, the Weirton-Steubenville MSA lost 5.2% of its population, or 6,840. This includes Jefferson County in Ohio, and Hancock and Brooke counties in West Virginia.

1a. Had 132,008 in 2001; 125,168 in 2006. Ranked third among top 10 in population loss -- just behind Gulfport, Missippippi and New Orleans -- two communities that lost massive amounts of population due to Hurricane Katrina.

2. From 2001-2006, the Wheeling MSA lost 3.8% of its population, or 5,843. This includes Ohio and Marshall counties in West Virginia and Belmont County in Ohio.

2a. Had 153,172 in 2001; 147,329 in 2006. Ranked eighth on the top 10 in population loss.

Article information: "Local Communities Battle Population Loss, By SHELLEY HANSON, Wheeling News-Register, 4/7/7"

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Area Population Continues to Decline

No surprise here --

1. In 1986, Weirton Steel was the state's largest private employer at 12,000 local workers.

1a. In 2006, Weirton Steel is now Mittal Steel USA and employs 1,100.

2. Wal-Mart is now the state's largest private employer at 12,000 statewide.

3. The Wheeling MSA (Ohio and Marshall counties in WVa and Belmont in OH) had 208,918 in 1940. It has lost 61,589 since then.

3a. The Weirton-Steubenville MSA (Hancock and Brooke counties in WVa and Jefferson in OH) had 167,756 in 1960. It has lost 42,588 since then.

3b. Combined, they have lost 76,168 since 1980.

4. The median age in the Wheeling MSA was 40.7 (in 2000); 41.5 in the Weirton-Steubenville MSA. These are higher than the 35.3 national average.

Article information: "Area Population Continues to Decline, By CASEY JUNKINS, Wheeling News-Register, 4/22/2007"

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Wheeling MSA Adding Jobs

Notes --

1. The Wheeling MSA should experience a lot of job growth over the next five years, the the population will decline and get older.

1a. The type of jobs include leisure/hospitality, business services, education, health services and construction.

2. The Wheeling MSA added 1,700 jobs from 2001 to 2005, which grew faster than the national and state averages.

3. West Virginia as a whole should lose 20,000 people up to the age of 44, and the population of those over 44 will increase by ~30,000. West Virginia is also the only state in the U.S. that has more deaths than births.

Article information: "Wheeling MSA Adding Jobs, By CASEY JUNKINS, Wheeling News-Register, 5/2/2007"

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