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The State of Downtown Kalamazoo Address


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Downtown Kalamazoo Address

Its a lengthy read at 14+ pages, however, it is pretty interesting to note they have such an address. I dont think GR has one, and if not, I think GR could benefit to what Kalamazoo is doing here.

Some interesting tidbits...

*The Downtown Meter Card -- is a debit-type card developed and now available for quick and easy use for feeding those nasty meters. It was a strategy that even Tom Huff endorsed. -- I like these much better then the coin operated meters found most everywhere except the larger cities.

*They've experienced a net gain of 9 new retailers. (Is GR the only Michigan city w/o a plan here?) Most are locally owned businesses. No major chains yet for Kzoo, but I feel its only a matter of time before they hit the tipping point in chain retail.

*They also organize a "Click downtown" which encourages the college students (first year, WMU only) to go DT for a scavanger hunt with participation nearing 1,200. Another good idea for GR.

Overall, I like the progess, plans and goals set forth. I think its a pretty good idea to keep their DT growing & evolving.

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A decent read, these kinds of things always have and always will have a lot of fluff - people congratulating each other and what not, but I guess that's politics. Maybe the Gazette or WWMT or some other source will come out with a one page summary.

Anyway, sounds like good news over all. I've been worried about downtown given the imminent departure of Pfizer's research arm, but it looks like they're thinking ahead about dealing with it. As long as the new additions to retail and restaurants keep coming (and if that arena and surrounding developments come along) I think downtown is poised to become a regional destination.

Still waiting for word on the Riverfront Redevelopment, I guess we have until July though.

see previous thread

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