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Looking to move to Florida ... need suggestions


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I am wanting to move to Florida after I graduate high school next year and attend college. I live in about 10-15 miles south of Toccoa, GA and want to be 'independent' when I go to college and go somewhere rather new, and there just isnt much to pick from in GA.. Some of my relatives live in FL (outside of Orlando) and I've always been so fascinated by the state. My grandparents say they're so sick of hte heat and all that they're plaanning on moving to the NC mountains this summer after living here all of their life, they have always hated it they say. I love it!!

So, my question is;l can anyone suggest some colleges to look in to? I'm wanting to go to a private, smaller one that's affordable but whatever works best for me. Not really confident in what I want to do, but probably somethng related to travel/vacation services [hey, I'd be in the right state!]. I'm not really wanting to be in a real large city (Miami,Jacksonville) , but I could live with it if need be. ANother thing....Florida in many parts isnt a real "Southern" state, and a real 100% southerner here....so, no offense but I'd be more comfortable in a more Southern-oriented city (are there any??) but, like the other things isn't a must-have.

Oh, and a white male here, if that helps.

Thanks everyone!!!

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