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McDonald Madness


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For those that haven't seen the massive changes coming and happening on McDonald Avenue in Dilworth, check out these photos. I took all of these on a 2 - 3 block stretch between Ideal Way and Euclid Avenue. They are replacing the little 800 - 900 mill homes and 40's and 50's homes all over the streets around McDonald, but this couple block stretch looks more like a new home neighborhood - it is almost impossible to get down the street some days with all the construction traffic.

















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I've gotta say that I like 3/4 of those you posted, and I am also not much of a fan of the dinky 40s-50s ranches that McDonald had. These are all custom homes, of a style that fits Dilworth, and seem to be of a quality that is fitting. This is not historic Dilworth, and hasn't always been considered part of Dilworth by many. I think it is definitely madness, but I can't say that I'm opposed as long as these homes stay of a quality and charm that is indicated in most of those photos.

Philosophically, I am not for people living in massive houses for the sake of massive houses. However, these appear to be moderately sized, and likely provide places for the kinds of people that might otherwise have looked to live in the more distant suburbs.

Now let's see if they can actually put curb and gutter and some sidewalks. Or is that part of what Lowe's is paying for?

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These are better looking renovations than the ones I was teasing on the Wilmore thread. But still, $750,000 or so is a lot of money. Assuming a 95% financing, the payments would be almost $5K a month including taxes and insurance.

You could rent a house in the nicest part of Dilworth for $2500 a month.

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I think most, if not all, of the ones I took pictures of were new construction. I also like the architecture and style of most of them. There is one especially cool house that looks sort of tudor to me with black trim and stone exterior. I didn't take pictures of homes done and occupied, so there is more of this on the street than shown here!

These are better looking Assuming a 95% financing, the payments would be almost $5K a month including taxes and insurance.

You could rent a house in the nicest part of Dilworth for $2500 a month.

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I really don't like any of them. The mill houses fit in there better under the tree canopy and blend into the natural environment instead of sticking out like the replacement houses. But there are no restrictions in this part of Dilworth so I guess this is a result of what the market wants. The most heinous new home is that massive hotel that was built right behind The Villages at Southend.

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