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NCRR Block at 3rd St & Brevard St


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So, this is the one surface lot that really has me scratching my head. It's essentially two parcels, and railroads own them both (although I'm unclear on the relationship between the railroads I have to assume it exists). This is prime, prime, PRIME property and is screaming to be developed either as residential, office, retail, or a mixture of all of the above.

Since there are a lot of folks here who know a lot more than I do, has anyone heard whether or not this piece is being put into play at all? Any plans for it?

Follow up question, if you walk by the lot, you'll notice a lot of steps/reinforced walls/brick remenents. Anyone know what used to be here?

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Just did a little digging and it appears that Norfolk-Southern owns at least the parcel on the 4th Street side. The other lot as well as one across the tracks on the 3rd Street side may be owned by NCRR. It's hard to tell based on the POLARIS system. I can't imagine why the ownership would be split between the two but who knows.

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