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Cogent Healthcare moving HQ from CA to Nashville


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Good article Justiceham... Here is why it is so important that we continue to attract new companies. This is from two years ago, but we won it two years straight.


This year they decided not to rank cities and only list the top cities ( kind of like not keeping score in a kids baseball game ) so no ones feelings get hurt. Anyway these relocations are one of the best ways to measure our economy.

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Soutern California is one of the top places we pull people. Also Florida is way up there. I think the reason for Fla is based on some reverse migration. People from the Northeast moved there in the 80's and have found the cost and quality of life changing. My thought is that many people moved away for the North because of the weather and cost of living.

Now Florida's cost are moving up and while the weather is nice, it doesn't have a change of season's that those people are used to living in. Now that some of these people are starting families, they long for the seasons that they grew up in as kids. Only now they want somthing more moderate like Nashville.

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Great news. This just continues to illustrate what a great business environment the state if offering. Quality of life and cost of living no doubt the other two legs of the what makes Tennessee such an attractive place for businesses to look into/choose for relocations.

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