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Bodies...The Exhibition


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I am very proud to announce the debut (in NC) of Bodies...The Exhibition coming to none other than the "Bull City"/"City of Medicine" Durham. The exhibition will be here from April to August at The Streets at Southpoint. I think this is very big for Durham considering several other cities this exhibit could have gone too, but they chose Durham over all the others. I think this could create even more energy when it comes to attracting big exhibits to Durham, the Nasher Museum of Art (which already attracts great exhibits), and the surrounding area. What you all think?


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I doubt I'll personally go myself, seeing how squeamish I am about blood/guts/body organs and that kinda stuff. :blush:

BUT...I think it's GREAT that it's coming to Durham. Very appropriate for the City of Medicine. :thumbsup: And the list of other cities that they're going to go to: DC, NYC, Vegas, Seattle, Amsterdam, and Durham. Wow. :yahoo:

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Wow, I think this is great! I was disappointed to miss out on seeing Body Worlds when it came to where I used to live after I had already moved. I think it will be a very interesting exhibit where ordinary people can see the wonders of the human body.

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