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Hey, guys,

I got into Boston College, and it is very likely that I'll be in the area in the fall. I have a few questions, tho. How far is it from Waltham, MA and Brandeis as well as Emerson College? I have friends at both, so I was curious as to how long it would take on the T to Emerson. I know the subway doesn't go to Waltham, so how would I be able to get there? Also, what is the quickest way from BC into downtown? Take the green line to the BC station or go from the Reservoir station into downtown?

If any of you have any advice about Boston and/or input on Boston College, it would be greatly appreciated!

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I'm not exactly sure where Brandeis and Emerson are. Waltham is northwest of the BC campus out by 128 way, on the other side of Newton and Watertown. It's not within walking distance.

According to Wikipedia, it's 42 minutes to Park Street from Chestnut Hill Ave (two down from BC stop), 32 minutes from Cleveland Circle, and 27 minutes from Reservoir. So, it all really depends on how much you are willing to walk and how fast you can go between those three stations. I like the D branch the best due to having it's own right of way. B branch has way too many stops right all near each other and also has to deal with traffic.

I've only been to Boston College once. Nice campus, very nice. As for Boston, it is a great city. I hope you love baseball and hate the Yankees. Just stay off the Orange Line at after 8 pm, especially the southern end, because it gets pretty ugly down there at dark. iPod headphones on Orange is a no-no.

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The B line takes forever, but you'll be on it a lot as much of college life centers around Allston Village (Harvard Ave. stop on the B Line). If you're heading Downtown or to Back Bay and you can walk to Reservoir quickly, I'd go with that.

The T runs on a hub and spoke system, meaning most buses/trains head into the center of the city, there's not a lot of good crosstown options, especially the further out you go. And Brandeis is not in the center of Waltham, but rather far out, it has its own commuter rail station.

Here's a map showing both BC and Brandeis (Brandeis is at the Roberts MBTA stop in Waltham). You can walk from Riverside Station on the D Line (I've done it) but it is a rather long walk and you couldn't do it at night, not all the streets have sidewalks and some run through the woods so it's very dark. There's really no direct route from BC to Brandies. If you can walk to Brighton Center you can catch the 57 to Newton Corner, where you can switch to the 553 to Brandeis. If you can't walk to Brighton Center, the 86 runs from Coolidge Corner/Reservoir to there. You could also take the 86 to where it meets the 70 and then take the 70 to Waltham and walk from Main Street to Brandeis.

I think your friends at Brandeis though, will end up coming to you. There's far more to do in Allston/Brighton than on the Brandeis campus.

I seem to remember Brandeis having a number of student shuttles (you'd probably have to be with a Brandeis student to ride one) going around Waltham and into Boston.

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Bring some Gus' Fried Chicken from downtown when you come up. ;)

I lived in both Cordova and downtown Memphis (grew up in CT and now live in Brighton, just around the corner from BC), and I can say that you are in for a bit of a shock when it comes to living here. The lack of the passive-agressive crap will be an interesting experience for you. Personally, I love it.

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