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[Georgetown] Cardome Centre


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Georgetown's Cardome Centre eyed as museum of writing

Key --

1. The Cardome Center, rehabilitated through funding from Toyota, is eyed as the The Cardome International Language Center and Museum of the Written Word (!).

2. The museum could feature...

2a. An outdoor theater,

2b. A cyber cafe,

2c. Exhibits detailing the history of the written word and of the artistic value of ancient Western books or Eastern calligraphy,

2d. A possible reproduction of the Gutenberg press.

3. The oldest building on the Cardome Centre campus was built in 1895. One year later, the Sisters of the Visitation, a religious order founded in France, bought Cardome and turned it into a boarding school. "The Cardome Visitation Academy imposed rules to keep nuns and the students cloistered from the outside world."

3a. 1900 to 1969: ~600 girls graduated from the school.

4. The museum would not displace the community groups who currently use the building. It would also still be available for rental.

Article information: "Georgetown's Cardome Centre eyed as museum of writing, By Jillian Ogawa, CENTRAL KENTUCKY BUREAU, Mon, Apr. 02, 2007"

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