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Ballet Memphis headed to NYC's Joyce Theater

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My Commentary:

Ballet Memphis is headed to NYC AGAIN. Headed to the Joyce Theater, one of only 4 (out of 34) not based out of New York that will appear at the theater. I posted portions of the article earlier, but the thread was deleted b/c of apparent violations of posting rules on my part. My bad. Hopefully one paragraph/one sentence aren't violations, b/c I think this is noteworthy and relevant to an urban discussion of Memphis given that cultural institutions are inseparable from the urban fabric of a community, especially a downtown. If they are violations, instead of deleting it, I will be eager to edit and correct my mistakes, including a mea culpa. Well-deserved honor for Ballet Memphis.

Brief excerpt:


Martin Wechsler, the Joyce's director of programming, says that when he received Ballet Memphis' application -- one of 57 this year -- he was struck by the quality of the repertoire and the ability of the dancers.



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