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Ann Arbor Greenway Project


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Has anyone checked out the project boards for the Greenway Proposal at the City Services and Payment Center on Huron? While waiting for a woman to pay her $1870.00 in parking fines I was able to read through the whole thing.

Last time the greenway project was brought up on urban planet, we took this as eating up all the empty spaces leaving no room for development. However, this project will be using parcels that really aren't suitable to any sort of development. The plan does highlight a few areas though for DENSE residential development. Not sure if any of it was highrise, but it does highlight some of the proposals we have heard about.

Next time I need to pay a parking ticket, I'll remember to bring my camera. Although the project boards do go through a rotation, since the last one highlighted the William Street Station. Check it out before a new one goes up.

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Are you referring to this greenway? Or the idea of buying up farmland around the city in a naive attempt at curbing sprawl?

If the former, then I think it's a great idea! The rail line isn't being used anymore, and there are plenty of other parcels in and around downtown for development.

I'm not sure about this reasoning though:

The Greenway will run along the Allen Creek floodplain but actually serve to mitigate the impact of flooding by removing pavement and providing more absorptive soil, native planting, and rain gardens.
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