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Mingo Council updated on third phase of revitalization

Key --

1. Mingo Junction will apply for a Community Block Development Grant by May 31 and will determine what project will take place. Hoping for anywhere between $300,000 to $325,000.

1a. Could be used for the replacement of sewer lines in the downtown.

1b. Completion date would be October 2009.

1c. Some want to construct or purchase a recreational facility for the residents. Others want additions to the senior citizens senior.

2. Phase one included the streetscaping of the 500 block of Commercial Street. This included new sidewalks, turn radii improvements, and the creation of a 'green area' at Commercial Street and McLister Avenue. A clock was installed, along with benches and trashcans.

3. The second phase included streetscaping and property improvements of the 500-700 blocks of Commercial Street, the 100 block of McLister Avenue, and Standard Avenue. It also included a water line replacement in the 500-600 block of Commercial Street.

Article information: "Mingo Council updated on third phase of revitalization, By JEANNE YENCHOCHIC, Herald Star Online [steubenville]"

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Parking in Mingo still a problem

Key --

1. Parking still a thorny issue: not enough of it! :roll:

2. Business owners / employees who are parking in front of their own stores have no right to complain about the lack of parking because they are part of the problem.

3. People used to park behind the buildings until debris and garbage began accumulating along the railroad tracks -- and the road was designated a fire lane as a result.

Article information:: "Parking in Mingo still a problem, By JULIE STENGER, Herald Star [steubenville]"

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