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What to do with those PCBs


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From the Kalamazoo Gazette

City to fight PCBs with creativity

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

By Kathy Jessup

[email protected] 388-8590

Kalamazoo's fight to stop the dumping of toxic Kalamazoo River sediment in an unlicensed, east-side landfill is about to get unconventional.

With the door apparently closed to traditional legal challenges, city officials are examining zoning rules and ordinances banning toxic-waste trucks from using city streets to try to stop the dumping of 132,000 cubic yards of contaminated river sediment at the Allied Paper Inc. landfill.

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From the Kalamazoo Gazette

I have to say that I'm really proud that the City of Kalamazoo's suggested the potential for civil disobedience in this matter. I'm kind of curious to see how far they are willing to take this. I'd be extremely proud if they did something to garner national media attention. :good:

Common K-dizzle :tough:

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I guess it all really depends on the EPA. I imagine that Kalamazoo will fight this one tooth and nail to the point of standing in front of the dump trucks as they bring the soil into the landfill. So assuming they don't end up dumping here, they will either find a suitable place for the soil, or they might say "screw you Kalamazoo" and decide not to dredge the river until Kalamazoo relents - which would be really unfortunate. That's the thing really, if they had already fully dredged and removed all of the soil, it gives Kalamazoo more leverage. But because they haven't they can hold that over our heads to get their way.

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