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*Gr Art District Street Fair -art district?

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i come down to all city kicks for shoes/ play clothes once a month...and i have been into a few gallerys around that area, most of the live/work lofts galleries are closed or opened weird hrs, i dont think they want to sell anything.

have not seen any info the coming street fair this weekend april 6th -someone will make a mint selling ear muffs'-

michigan weather yells gottcha again.

i hope all goes will. does anybody shop and try to support these stores in this area?

all city kicks has cool shoes and stuff.

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I just heard about this event yesterday when I picked up a flyer for it at Martha's. It's called "Spring for the Arts" and it's a studio hop this friday - tomorrow. Apparently they have a trolley that will pick up at various parking lots and truck ppl around to about 60 differnt studios in town. It's pretty huge. They've got Calvin, Kendall, UICA, Avenue of the Arts and Destination 1111 (godfrey) sponsoring it. The flyer says you can pick up a list of the studios at Schulers, Gallery Ogi (?), UICA, Vertigo, and Sanctuary Folk Art. Oh, and it's free.

I really wish I could go, a lot of my college friends have galleries that are involved. Alas, it's easter weekend and this isn't my hometown.

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