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Beautiful Half Moon Bay

Charles Pearson

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RestedTraveler, I've been so busy at work that my social and urbanplanet life has been somewhat empty until today...

GOOD! you're here! In the BayArea...Isn't Half Moon Bay beautiful? I love getting out of the City for a drive down to Half Moon Bay...or one of the beaches down there or up the coast to Marin or Sonoma counties. Yeah, that parking lot closings are weird down there; and the fact that most of the beaches down there also have "No Dogs Are Allowed" signs, which is problem for Jackson, our dog...The only beach we found there that welcomed dogs was a beach we found at a Ritz Carlton resort...a very strange beach that looked like another planet.

Can't wait to hear more about your trip...and who knows maybe I'll run into you in the City on the F-line or Union Square or somewhere...so wear an UrbanPlanet smile, so that I'd recognize you. :)

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After five hours and several timezone changes to add another three hours to my trip, I'm back home. I was in the bay area for the last week. I didn't walk San Francisco as much as I really wanted to. My time was consumed a lot by work-related activities and post-work activities with the same group of people, so I did as much as I could. I did take Saturday to drive up to Muir Woods and stop off in Sausalito and then over into Oakland (I got caught in a backup on I-80 East or I would have made it Berkeley...my original destination when I set out across the bay bridge. Instead, I exited off at Emoryville and drove into Oakland and then back across the bay and went down to Palo Alto (which is what I could very easily seen Downtown Greenville becoming) and then out to Half Moon Bay for one last sunset before heading home this morning. I'm downloading my photos as I type. I had to buy an extra Compact Flash card, so hopefully I have at least one good shot somewhere in the 900+ that I took.
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