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Hockey Tournament in Hawaii? Huh?

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Sorry i just had to share this! :P

Glory days relived at Ice Palace

Ten minutes into the Hawai'i's B.O.M.B game against the Yukon Oldtimers, Stacy Webb looked nothing like the 44-year-old, self-employed contractor he was when he woke up yesterday morning and every bit like the hockey-loving kid he was growing up in Nova Scotia.


An oversized, steely-eyed, screaming, spitting, cussing kid.

"Come on," he hollered from the sidelines, banging his wooden hockey stick against the white metal partition dividing the frozen surface of the rink from a painted cement floor slick with ice melt and spit.

"Come on!" he exhorted. "Stick 'em! Stick 'em!"

Yesterday was Day 2 of the 2004 Hawaiian Classic Oldtimers Hockey Tournament at Ice Palace in Stadium Mall, the second day for aging hockey players from Hawai'i, the Mainland and Canada to bang pads, masks and sticks in a contest of serious fun.

This year's tournament features 12 teams

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