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Charles Pearson

Expressionists artWork/Views of San Francisco Bay Area

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Sanchez Street Hill above The Castro District...


J-Church Line through Dolores Park NW...


Potrero Hill San Francisco from 16th Street...


San Francisco Bay Bridge and blanket of morning fog & sunlight...


Sketch of Alex Roddy's "Lemontree" in Montclair, Oakland...


San Francisco SunFlowers...


HalfMoonBay yellow beach & sunlight


Chicken Ranch Beach...


Pt. Reyes...


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Berkeley is quite nice...like a mini-San Francisco with a vibrant downtown, unlike Oakland's beautiful but very dead downtown...Unlike lively and happening downtown San Francisco, there are no major department stores in downtown Oakland...except SEARS (does anyone really shop in SEARS anymore; San Francisco no longer has a SEARS...) took over the beautiful old greenish-marble I-Magin building near 19th Street back in the late 1990s when Jerry BROWN was Mayor of Oakland. However, Oakland's Rockridge neighborhood is active and vibrant with a some cool restaurants, cafes and bookshops, and stunning old market in a brick building...much like being in any of the dozens of cool neigborhoods of San Francisco or Berkeley's "North Berkeley" up on Shattuck Street & Vine Street areas...It's vibrant . A friend of mine told me that the Rockridge area around Rockridge BART station reminded him of PARIS, France. I've been to Europe, but didn't get a chance to get to PARIS...In Europe, I stayed and traveled via train only in Germany, Switzerland and northern Italy (Milan, Venice, Spoleto) and down to beautiful ROME...SWITZERLAND (Zurich & Lucerne) were the cleanest cities I've ever seen; even their Redlight Districts were clean and orderly...

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When I first moved to San Francisco, there was a SEARS out on Masonic & Geary...but it was obvious it was on its last legs 'cause it was rundown and hideous and buying tools was the only reason to ever go to SEARS at that point...The old Sears building on Masonic is now an Office Depot, Mervlyns and a bunch of other shops...The old Sears on Mission at Cesar Chavez (formerly Army Street) is CA Employment Office...

I have been to a newer SEARS out in San Bruno's Tanforan Mall or "the Shops at Tanforan", the malls new name, and that Sears looks better than 1980s one I recall of SF and have name-brand "quality" clothes like LANDs End (which I do like) now that's not all SEARs...but the smell is still SEARS and it's still not a name like NORDSTROMs. Tanforan was renovated in 2005 for $140 million and now has a BART STATION enroute to SFO...but its still not as good looking as STONESTOWN Galleria out in SF's Avenues in the Sunset District...

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its funny because SEARS used to be huge with SEARS and Roebuck(sp) but now its just SEARS, and the guy Ty from TLC. I heard they are changing their image, but i haven't seen anything near me lately.

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"Dolores Street Flowerbox view of San Francisco", acrylic on masonite, 17 x 19, 2006


"Half Moon Bay Beach House", acrylic on paper, 11 x 14, 2007


"Hay Moon Bay", acrylic on paper, 11 x 14, 2007


"Yellow Sun & Beach, Half Moon Bay", acrylic on paper, 11 x 14, 2007


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