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Migration from Pittsburgh to DC Metro Area

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I do apologize if this is off-topic: I went to the "off-topic" area, but the last message there was almost a year old...

Anyway, I found this site doing a Web search for my daughter who is writing about migration to the D.C. Metro area after the steel plants/mills closed in Pittsburgh. She believes that there is a significant population of Pittsburgh expatriates in this area, especially in some ethnic neighborhoods -- partly also because of the number of Steelers fans in and around D.C. [bears/Cubs fan myself].

So, if anyone has any data or possibly useful references, we would be most appreciative.

I have only looked around a little, so I hope I'm not doing violence to content or intent.

I work at the National Institutes of Health [the Federal agency that supports biomedical research] and have been a Fed for almost 40 years, so, if anyone needs information relevant to my areas, feel free.

Hello, and thank you --

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Evergrey    0

I do not know the historic numbers... though I wouldn't be suprised if the DC area was the top cumulative destination for ex-Pittsburghers.

Here is a Pittsburgh Migration report concerning years 1999-2000. Washington, DC Metro is both the biggest destination for ex-Pittsburghers... and the biggest population of migrants to Metro Pittsburgh.

Contact Chris Briem at for any numbers about Pittsburgh.

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tombarnes    0

That's very interesting. I hadn't really thought about it, but I know more than a few people around here from the Pittsburgh area. Thanks for the info..

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