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Birmingham Pan American Games


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Imagine this,

Summer 2015

The city of Birmingham has transformed itself into a world class city, as athletes from both North and South America travel to Alabama for the Opening Cerimones at the renovated Legion Field. Neiborhoods and been renovated and the cities' population has rapidly increased. A new BJCC Mulit-Purpose Center has been built as well as expanded exhibition halls, and a renovated arena. The Railroad Preservation Park has been completed with several concert stages set up as well as major corporation tents. The new UAB On-Campus stadium is complete with a large track for athletics during the games. The new Birmingham rapid transit system is now finished and the new buses will be ready by the games start. Dozens of new sporting venues have been built, at least 8,000 hotel rooms have been built in the area for the games. The Birmingham International Airport has been expanded and renovated to be ready for the hundreds of thousands of visitors who are expected to visit. Overall, the popular image advertisement campaign, done by the B'ham Pan-Am Organizing Commitee has changed the city's and state's image. Are you ready America,....Because Birmingham is ready for the 2015 PAN-AMERICAN GAMES.

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Sorry, can't get the logo up right now, but I've been working on a list of venues.

Opening/Closing Cerimonies- Legion Field

Archery- Red Mountain Park

Athletics- New UAB On-Campus Stadium

Badminton- Hoover Arena

Baseball- Hoover Met

Basketball- BJCC Mulit-Purpose Center

Bowling- ?, mabey somewhere in Gardendale or Fultondale

Boxing- Bartow Arena

Canoe, Kayak- ?, absolutly no clue on where to kayak during summer

Cycling- Possibal new veldrodome in Hoover or another suburb

Diving- UAB Aquatics Center

Equestrian- ?, Not real sure on this one

Fencing- BJCC Exhibition Hall

Soccer- Opening Rounds-Jordan Hare Stadium

-Bryant Denny Stadium

Final Rounds -Legion Field

Gymnastics- BJCC Arena

Field Hockey- Seibert Stadium at Samford University

Judo- BJCC Exhibition Hall

Karate- BJCC Exhibition Hall

Modern Penthalon- Several diffrent Venues

Raquetball- New Hanna Arena at Samford University

Roller Sports- ?

Rowing- Either Smith Lake or Logan-Martin Lake

Sailing- Mobile Bay

Shooting- Red Mountain Park

Softball- New UAB Baseball Stadium

Squash- Hoover Arena

Swimming- UAB Aquatics Center

Syncronized Swimming- UAB Aquatics Center

Table Tennis- BJCC Exhibition Hall

Taekwondo- BJCC Exhibition Hall

Team Handball- New Auburn University Arena

Tennis- Alabama's always needed a good tennis center, but where?

Triathalon- Several diffrent venues

Volleyball- Coleman Coliseum

Water Polo- UAB Aquatics Center

Weightlifing- BJCC Multi-Purpose Center

Wresiling- BJCC Muli-Purpose Center

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I don't mean to rain on anyone's parade, but I just don't see it happening realistically for a VERY long time. Heck, even the bowl game this past Saturday made a bad impression to some. The Civil Rights Institute and the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame (some of the city's few tourist attractions) were closed even on Saturday. I realize it's close to Christmas, but it wasn't even Christmas Eve and there were 10,000-20,000 tourists in the city. I also heard that 5 Points was swamped with folks and many restaurants ran out of food. Not a good impression. Unfortunately, we just need much, much more infrastructure for that to even be a possibility.

Here are some things we need for that to happen (as well as luring any other major events):

- A vibrant, large commercial/retail district somewhere downtown in addition to revitalizing and expanding 5 Points South.

- Many, many more hotel rooms in the downtown area (particularly near the BJCC as well as 5 Points South).

- A large casino complex would be an outstanding idea for near the Railroad Park area and someway incoporating it into that area.

- A stronger, more efficient transit system.

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I must remind everyone, that i too thought that this could not happen in 2015, but here we can just imagine what could happen if all people of our region unite to a common cause. Before the mid 90s, the Atlanta interstate system was in desperate despair, but through federal grants and corporate dedication, the in tire infrastructure of the Atlanta area was re-vamped. I know, I keep going back to Atlanta as an example, but look at the place before and after 1996. Its absolutely amazing what 2 hot summer weeks every 4 years can do to a city. One thing must be said, and made very clear-


Now what that "something" is has yet to be determined. Is it a major sporting event? I believe so, even if it's just a BID to the Pan-Am Organization, its always a start. And besides, these post are not about what can or cannot be done by the poor leadership in our city or the possible wonderful leadership which has not yet been given a chance to govern; what these posts are about is the dream that our city can become. Imagine the greatness in a major sporting event for our city. It would be the biggest event for Birmingham since the discovery of iron in those massive mountains of stone which surround our city. In closing I ask everyone to speak in a positive tone by which someday our city may return to greatness that it once was. Tell what you want personally for the city and region. For example: Do you has a specific roadway that you wish could be turned into gateway for Birmingham and the region?, tell about in this forum. Do you know a specific sporting venue that you always thought the city needed?, tell about in this forum. Speak the Future, Tell the Future, Type the Future.

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The Pan-Ams haven't been in the US since 1987, so i suggusest Birmingham, Alabama to host the next Pan-American games. Birmingham is the perfect host city for the Pan-Ams, not to big, not to small, and some really great scenery and people. I'd like to hear you're thoughts as I introduce you to Birmingham and the Pan-American Games.


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Here's the venue list, if you have any questions or comments feel free to tell me.

Archery -Oak Mountian State Park

Athletics -Pan American Stadium

Badminton -Pete Hanna Arena

Baseball -Regions Park

Basketball -BJCC Multi-Purpose Arena

Bowling -Boutwell Auditorium

Boxing -Bartow Arena

Canoe -Lay Lake

Cycling -Hoover Velodrome

Diving -UAB Aquatics Center

Equestrian -Georgia International Horse Park

Fencing -BJCC Exhibition Hall


Opening Rounds

-Jordan Hare Stadium

-Bryant Denny Stadium

Final Rounds

-Legion Field

Gymnastics -BJCC Arena

Field Hockey -Siebert Stadium

Judo -BJCC Exhibition

Karate -BJCC Exhibition

Rowing -Lay Lake

Sailing -Mobile Bay

Shooting -Oak Mountain State Park

Softball -Montgomery Riverwalk Stadium

Swimming -UAB Aquatics Center

Table Tennis -BJCC Exhibition Hall

Taekwondo -BJCC Echibition Hall

Handball -New Auburn University Arena

Tennis -Hoover Tennis Center

Volleyball -Coleman Coliseium

Water Polo -UAB Aquatics Center

Weightlifting -Bill Battle Coliseium

Wrestling -Pelham Civic Complex

Opening/ Closing Cerimonies-Pan American Stadium

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What Birmngham Needs Before Hosting The Games.

-At least 15,000 more hotel rooms in Metro Birmingham, particulartly in downtown.

-A major expansion of the city's convention center.

-Some sort of mass transportation, and a overhaul of the bus system.

-The completion of interstates I-22 and Northern Beltline.

-A population increase of at least 100,000

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What Birmngham Needs Before Hosting The Games.

-At least 15,000 more hotel rooms in Metro Birmingham, particulartly in downtown.

-A major expansion of the city's convention center.

-Some sort of mass transportation, and a overhaul of the bus system.

-The completion of interstates I-22 and Northern Beltline.

-A population increase of at least 100,000

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-Also an expansion of the airport with a new terminal and more gates.

-Renovation of area around airport, better connection from interstate to airport (ex. landscaping, demolision of run down industrial and commerical properites.)

-Construction and recruitment of more and better hotels around airport.

-Recruitment of at least 3 direct international flights to Birmingham International.Possibly to London, Toronto, and a Latin or South American city.

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