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Isuzu to Build a Truck Plant in Jefferson Co.


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There were rumors of this story some months back, but now it seems to have been confirmed by a report coming out of Japan. It is good we're getting that runway extension, b/c it may be needed for the engine shipments. Apparently, based on the report in the Japanese paper, engines and platforms will be sent in from Japan and since we're not too close to the water, I assume they may be flying them in cargo planes. In any event, they expect construction of the facility in Pinson (Northeast Jefferson County) to begin later this year. No word yet on the # of jobs that would be involved... some previous reports said it could create as many as 1,000+ new jobs.


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I think it's great for Birmingham since we haven't had a major industrial development within the county lines in quite some time. It also provides Isuzu with a foothold here which, I'm sure if successful, might expand production and ultimately maybe even result in them assembling cars and other Isuzu vehicles here. It can only be a good thing. It's taking a vacant facility and making use of it, creating at least 1,000 new jobs, and likely will increase the amount of air cargo coming into the BHM INTL Airport.

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