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Uptown photo update

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I was wondering why all my pics were turning out all grainy until I fixed it today. So I will definitely be back in May with some nice, clear pictures of the projects. Hopefully I'll do a more extensive tour. I was with my girlfriend, and she was really whiny because it was chilly, so on my own I will do some nice walking. Maybe sometime this summer we can do a forum meet. Who would be up for that?

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Nice Fotos.

Speaking of dragging families to uptown, I took mine up last weekend.The Kids were Eating Mcdonalds throwing there trash on the ground wearing there tie died shirts like we were at Disney land, a bratty @$$ teenager complaining the whole dang time Talking about RBD constantly, Little Edrion Pushing all the buttons on every ATM machine, everyone taking pictures of all the rich {white} people,ETC.

Finally we found a decent place in Uptown to shop at which was CVS.

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