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A Worcester UP Get Together


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OK All you Worcesterites. Er, Worcesteronians. Worcesterians? Worce...

Hey all you Worcester Urban Planet readers!

Oliver has recently announced his plans to leave our *ahem* lovely, wonderful *ahem* city for the much bigger metropolis of Mexico. Well, we certainly cannot just let him drift away without a proper send off, so I am proposing that we hold our very first Worcester Urban Planet Get-Together! I realize that the number of people reading these boards from Worcester may be small, but I still think we can get together enough of us to make a very interesting evening. And those of you from the surrounding areas - Providence, Boston, Northern New England and Springfield/Connecticut, we hope that a few of you might venture up here to join us as well.

Since this is our first get together I propose keeping it fairly simple, but I am completely open to any ideas and suggestions. I am hoping we can do something in a few weeks time, the last week of April or the first week of May. If you would be interested in attending something like this, please let me know either by posting or IM'ing me. I am also open to any suggestions of where you think we should meet.

So let's see if we can finally show there are interesting people in Worcester!

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Thank you, Cloudship, I think this is a great idea. After all Worcester was my home for more than 6 years and I certainly will follow its future development. Who knows, maybe I will come to visit in a few years, find myself in a beautifully developed downtown and ask myself why I have left. To meet a few people who are interested in Urban Development before I leave would be awesome. Also to make contacts who can keep me updated in the future.

Meeting location depends on the time of the day and how many people would come. A coffee shop (one of the many in Worcester :whistling: ) or a quiet bar would be good.

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