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Winston Factory Lofts


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Hugh Shytle, a developer from Richmond, VA, plans to convert the 1920 textile mill into 85 luxury apartments, with a pool, hot tub and lounge on the main floor and a 2,000-square-foot deck on the roof to see the downtown skyline to the south and mountains to the north.

Construction could start as early as this summer and be finished by summer '08.

Winston-Salem Journal Article

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Wow! How many projects does this make for downtown Winston currently. I am aware of:

4th and Broad - almost complete

4th and Green - clearing land

One Park Vista - under construction

575 Liberty Place - I heard that the same builder that was building Arbor House condos in downtown Greensboro was going to start constrcution on these after completing the Arbor House sometime this fall 2007.

836 Oak St.

Traders Row - almost complete

The District

The Gallery - just received building permits

428 S. Main

The Gateway - under construction

Brown, Rogers, Dixon

Whats going on with Civic Plaza?

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add goler manor and the enrichment center.

i have no idea about the status of civic plaza. a member on another forum said that the pepper building was to be demolished this spring, with a ground breaking set for 3rd quarter of this year. we should have an update any day now.

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Listed this in anothewr thread awhile back... though I would relist here... with some updates

Current Projects in downtown Winston-Salem that I am aware of...

old Old Salem Foreign Car building - becoming several small shops (Doo Wop shops) - under renovation

Holly Place (on Holly Ave.) 9 condos - 7 finished construction - 3 sold

Holly Village - 6 Live/Work units - Completed - 5 currently sold.

Westend Village

Phase 1 - under construction - some townhoses occupies - condos nearing completion

Phase 2 - Land Cleared

Phase 3 - sign up - no work

Downtown Ball Park - permitting and final lanning in progress - project approved.

One Vista - land cleared - Under Construction

Trader's Row - mixed use Trade Street Project - Under Construction

Nissen Building Apartments - Completed - 90%+ occupancy

Quizno's moving into one of street level retail spaces

Whistling Women - FOR SALE

mast General Store - speculative Rumors - no location or confirmation

Skippy's (Hotdog Place on 4th) - OPEN

1st Presbyterian Church Expansion - OPEN

Marshal Street Town homes - Under Construction

Gallery Lofts - Under Construction - Model Unit Open

Mellow Muchroom - Open and thriving

Hookah Bar - Open

Recreation Billiards - Open

RJR Tobacco Lounge - Under Renovation

4th & Cherry Restaurant (at 4th and Marshall) - sign in window, no other progress

Contempo Casual - Restaurant Renovation - Failed Project... Contempo will remain in business

Finnegan's Wake (Irish Pub) - Open

Russell Agency - Construction nearing Completion

Research Park Expansion

Approved by all necessary - no actual construction

Southeast Gateway

YWCA - Under Construction

Gateway Residential Condos - construction has commenced

Happy Hill (included here because without this complete and impressive redo no amount of work at the

gateway would be worthwhile - no one would buy next to crime central) - Under Construction

Tar Branch Towers - Completed

Meridian (fine Dining Restaurant) - UOPEN - (And AWESOME)

Old Salem - New private residence - nearing Completion

Bruegers(sp) Bagels - Under renovartion

Goler Manor - Unde construction

Goler Enrichment Center - Under Construction

THE District - proposed (no othe info on this... but there is a nice picture in DWSP's window

Seventh and liberty (not sure but this could be same project as The District)

Liberty Place - proposed - I don;t have a lot of info on this one

XIA - rencently expanded

2nd street Tavern- new bar constructed with almost no attention - OPEN (located directly beside WEV)

- Not downtown but worth mentionng -

West End Tap room - renovated - now The Tap - Open

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this building is not very tall, but it will have awesome views of the city skyline and other vistas. This would be a good place to live because it is very close to popular streets within a short walking distance. This builing has great windows as is. They developer may add some, but the existing windows sizes are huge and give it a modern lofty feel.

With the gallery lofts behind it, there should be a good bit of foot-traffic created. I would just love for the warehouses around these buildings up to trade street to get some life. they are perfect for clubs/ music venues/ gallery space.

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thanks for the photos. youre right, theyre putting in new windows now.

thanks to B-V-R from WSTB for this new info.

Hugh Shytle has also recently purchased the red brick building in JerseyBoy's 3rd photo. it will also have residential units and share the "common" space connecting it to Winston Factory Lofts. plans call for a pool hottub and fire pit in that space. it looks to be in excellent shape.

photos and more info on both projects can be seen here: http://picasaweb.google.com/shytleh

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