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Coyote running around Detroit, will be destroyed


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I know this was a problem in Chicago, but now there are Coyotes in Detroit


Although I love animals, I'm not one of those rah! rah! save them all PETA type of people, but I think it's stupid that they plan to euthanize it. Why not relocate somewhere way up north. I know all the stuff about them coming back to urban areas, but back to downtown Detroit? C'mon.

Killing it seems like a stupid excuse.

It ended up in the city because you are building your houses out in the wild you F*cking A's! sheesh!

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Very stupid article. This is not funny, the animal does not deserve to die. The comments asked and answerd by Allen are also very childesh.

This also happend in Chicago and New Jersey today. I saw it on CNN. But as usuall, they left Detroit out. They only show us on the news when its a man on the loose, not a coyote. :D

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Yeah, honestly I'm curious why the official policy is euthanasia. I don't care what they say; if you were to truly relocate the animal, there's no way it would find its way back into the city.

Oh wait... it's probably cheaper. <_<

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