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Not only are these people now suffering from the dust, but they'll easily lose their homes near in the future when the propery values reach sky high in this district and all these buildings will probably be bought and converted into other luxury condos and lofts. Sad, right. Senior citizens, as much as we love them, don't belong in downtowns. It's just common sense. I think our city is just not used to construction. This type of activity is fairly new to residents that have been here for ages. They better get used to it, because this is just the begining of heavy machinary, kranes, dust, and demolition to shake their homes. These are the cons of living in a downtown. I open my arms to them.

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As far as the dust goes. They are old and need something complain about. Not that there is anything wrong with that. Dust is a pain in the ass, its just that young people are more willing to deal with it.

Ah, the days when I lived right across from U of M's power plant. If I was gone for a week, I'd come back and there would be a fresh gray blanket of dust over everything

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I LOVE seniors in Detroit. They are the sweetest people. Well, most of them. Some are fiesty too. My building is an old senior apt rentals and there are many still there. We get along really great and share a lot of laughs and good times.

Yes, granny's my friend! :D

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