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Starbucks moves to Columbia Suburb


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Plans for a Starbucks's plant on Joe B. Jackson have been squashed as the company announces it will be moving to St. Matthews, SC. The article mentions zoning issues and a not diverse enough economy as a couple of the reasons for making the move. IMO, more companies will see the restrictions about electronic signs, height of signs, displays, and any other nitpicky item the city council has to argue about as a negative form of government. The government in Rutherford County does not match the population and I believe it's time the city invest it's money in a metro government and district representation instead of accomodating the good ol' boys that currently represent us.

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How would this metro government be structured? Would one body set zoning requirements for Murfreesboro, Smyrna, La Vergne, and the rest? I haven't had any direct experience with a metro government, and would like to have a better understanding about what you're proposing for Rutherford County.

In general I oppose the idea of a metro government (certainly as I understand the term). I believe we should keep power close to the people, and I believe in small, limitted government which exists to protect our God-given rights, not take them away. If zoning restrictions drove the Starbucks plant away, that's a good illustration of why we need to get rid of them, not reform them or encourage more of them.

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