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Dubai Puts New Spin on Skyscrapers


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What's interesting is that a good number of Dubai's towers are drawn up by numerous US firms. Interesting some of the creativity hasn't rubbed off around here, especailly since the most notable firms are in the midwest.

The fixed "twisting" tower idea has been around for awhile, although you don't see too many of these built. The structural system is still pretty conventional. Think JW Marriot, but with some of the floor cantilevering out. The column structures remain continuous from top to bottom as does the core of the tower for stairwells, elevators, chases, etc. It reminds me of the Chicago Spire, which will be 2000' and I believe is breaking ground already. What is different about this one is it moves. It should interesting to see how the structural systems look for this.

I can picture GR building something like this as a condo tower, definitely not as tall, but the city has proved itself as being open to new and innovative architecture.

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Very cool. I wonder if tenants in different floors have a remote? That would be sweet.

On a similar note, has anybody been paying attention to the construction of the islands? I watched a special on the Discovery Channel a couple of weeks ago, and was blown away. They're adding miles and miles of coastline by making a palm tree shaped island. Watching the rapid construction of this region is unbelievable. With all the money we're paying for fuel, we should at least get a free time share out there or something...haha.

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