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Mayor Holliday won't seek re-election for Mayor of Greensboro

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This is fresh news from the Greensboro News and Record. Is he leaving post too early? Should he have been out several terms ago? What do we think, Triad?

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Some have said Keith Holliday hasnt been aggressive enough at moving Greensboro forward. I think hes done a pretty good job. But its probabally time for fresh leadership now that will move Greensboro even further along. I know councilwoman Yvonne Johnson has been toying the idea of running for mayor. Word has it is that she didnt run before because she didnt want to run against Keith Holliday. If she were elected, she would be Greensboro's first African-American mayor and Greensboro's second woman mayor. She was already the city's first African American mayor protem and the first African-American to be elected to an At-Large seat in Greensboro.

Mayor Keith Holiday


Councilwoman Yvonne Johnson


Greensboro city council


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