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Memphis vs Nashville and John Kerry

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I've come to terms with the fact that Tennessee most likely is not going to vote Kerry; I'm guessing it will be close though.

However, there is something I found out that could change the state. Memphis and East TN Republicans who don't like Bush's war.

Here's one of the most shocking things. Look at these Election 2000 numbers!

Memphis - population 650,000


Gore - 56,918

Bush - 22,703

Nader - 842

Total votes - approximately 80,000 votes cast

Davidson County - population 569,000


Gore - 117,685

Bush - 81,141

Nader - 2,837

Browne - 518

Buchanan - 201

Total votes - approximately 202,000 votes cast.


Memphis city itself has almost 100,000 more residents then all of Davidson County yet less then HALF the amount of people down there even VOTE!

There needs to be a movement in Memphis to get people motivated if Kerry has a chance here!

Also - appealing to the East TN moderates like Bredesen did - running ads like crazy and storming that part of the state.

..this is the only thing that will get Kerry our 11 electoral votes.

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