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Carolina Cyclones


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let's try this one more time. lol. Bob Kerzner, the owner of the Pee-Dee Cyclones, a minor-league hockey team that wants to move from Florence, SC, said yesterday that his team is close to setting up shop in Winston-Salem. this would be the 8th hockey team to call Winston-Salem home. hopefully this one will stick. the team is in final negotiations with the Winston-Salem Public Assembly Facilities Commission to play at the LJVM complex and will be a part of the SPHL.


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I remember back in the day when we had the "Thunderbirds." I still have one of their promotional pucks! They seemed to do really well until Greensboro landed a team. After that, no hockey team seems to be able to survive in Winston-Salem. I hope this one works. I'm surprised teams still try to locate here with all the failures though.

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Winton had a team here.. the Thunderbirds for years... it ws supported fine for year.. and amature hockey in the area still thrives... It is crazy that neither Winston nor Greensboro has a hockey team and I am glad that it is coming back..

The Polar twins... winston's last team... was not marketed very well and there was obviously no committment from the owners... the team did not shut down.. it moved to be closer to the owner when he could not sell it... it really seems like he just moved the team here to sell.. it was never really marketed and was up for sale in its second year... and then when it did not immeidately sell he moved it... kinda like he was shopping it around...

Greensboros' Hockey was really killed by the Hurricanes... the Generals were great... fun to go to... but then thy moved when the Hurricanes came in... that was great to have them here... but when they moved to their permanent home in Raleigh... nothing...

Anyway... i am really glad to hear that hockey is returning.,.. I will certainly be going to some games.

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