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Hello Macon Forumers

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Greetings everyone in the Macon forum!

I just wanted to drop by and introduce myself. I'm ironchapman, the new moderator for all of the Georgia forums. Most of you have probably seen me in the Atlanta or general Georgia, especially in Atlanta.

If you guys ever have any problems here feel free to contact me via PM (Spartan might also be of some help. However, keep in mind he's busy with the SC forums and keeping all the other forums in line, so try to send your problems to me if at all possible and I will deal with them as soon as I can). Please note, I am the only moderator specifically tasked with looking after this forum.

Most of my "expertise", so-to-speak, is with Atlanta. I am also pretty knowledgable about general Georgia issues. However, I do not know nearly as much about Macon, so I'm open to any suggestions you might have.

I'll try to visit this place as often as I can, but don't hesitate to PM me if there's a problem and I'm not around here at the moment.

--ironchapman, your forum moderator :)

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