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Captain Worley

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What have you done, career-wise, in the past, and where do you want to go in the future?

For me:

1989-1992 Vehicle Engineer

1992-1995 Air to air missiles engineer

1996-2001 Product/Manufacturing/Testing/Development engineer

2003-2005 Drafting teacher for HS/Tech school/prison students

2005-present Plans examiner

As for the future, wherever the wind blows me. I have a masters degree in mechanical enggineering and plan to go no higher. I am taking my PE exam this fall. I'd like to learn Spanish, too, after I pass the PE.

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Currently I work for an architecture firm that does higher end design work on government buildings, hotels, and larger industrial facilities. I've been working here for a year, and I love it.

I will be graduating with my bachelors in architecture this April, but I'm going back next year to school to get a degree in urban planning. So I'm expecting a career change very soon. That is, unless I hate urban planning, and switch back to architecture.

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I've bounced around since I've been in college:

2005-2006: UAB Blazer Bookstore while volunteering for the Greater Birmingham Regional Planning Commission as a surveyor

2006-Now, but leaving in the 2 weeks to back to University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB): East Alabama Regional Planning and Development Commission

However, I have grown to hate working at rural area planning organizations because it is basically the same ole, same ole. I now know for a fact that I am made for major urban areas only because I hate areas with a lack of activity. I am dread going to work because there is absolutely nothing for me to do there.

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Retail management, office management, a buyer and a project manager for a distribution company, and a semi-professional musician (some touring and a business set-up, but no money). On the side, a very little bit of writing.

I'm initiating the process of going back to school, which is terrifying and exciting. Terrifying because I'm fast closing in on age 40, and have come to discover that I'm profoundly unsuited for certain kinds of work for varied reasons, but will also be going up against people much younger than I in the career sweepstakes. But exciting because I've never minded work, so we shall see...

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From 1996 to 2004 I did quality control for analog audio production.

In 2004, I quit to go back to school.

In early 2005 while in school, I was a janitorial manager (fun!)

Later in 2005 I moved to the Boston area with my girlfriend and put school on hold.

In mid 2005, I worked as a dog walker in Boston

In late 2005 I worked at the Costco in Everett, MA in major sales.

In early 2006, I was back in Greensboro and back in school. Got a part-time gig doing my old QC job.

I'll graduate in summer 2008 with a BS in Accounting from Guilford College.

Then, I'll move to Lexington Kentucky where my girlfriend will be at dental school to get my masters in accounting.

THEN I'll start working in accounting.

And somewhere in there I have to take the CPA exam. *phew*

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i've been a bus boy, a receptionist, a delivery truck driver/swingset assembler/grill assembler/furniture builder, a cabinet maker/installer, a warehouse worker (loading and unloading trucks, packing boxes, filling pallets), a substitute teacher, an assistant teacher/lab monitor in a high school library, and now i run a college IT helpdesk with a couple employees and lots of students (this job has me doing a whole lot more than supporting end users, such as web design, computer repair, and whatever else is dumped on my lap as our department is small).

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In middle school I was a paperboy.

In high school I was a clerk at a dry cleaner and a math and Spanish tutor.

In college I was office assistant, a writing tutor, an editor on the student newspaper staff, and an orientation leader. In the summers I was a camp counselor. I worked at the Home Depot one year too. It sucked.

Throughout most of high school and college I played in a few different bands in a few different states and provinces. Not exactly a career, but certainly the most fun "job" I've had.

After college I moved to Durham NC, got a job as a box office clerk at a theatre, then moved into the theatre's marketing and communications department, where I am today.

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