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COMPLETE: People's Credit Union


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It's too soon to say what the finished product will look like, but they've begun framing this building:


This view is from the corner of Memorial and Middleton. The building sits in more or less the footprint of the Market building, or maybe slightly further from Memorial Blvd. It looks like it will have a large parking lot in front and a smaller one in the back.

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It's too soon to say what the finished product will look like, but it's hardly too soon to be disappointed at the siting of the building. Why couldn't this have been built to the corner of Memorial and Middleton? The bank would lose no parking, and it could still have its damn drive-thru.

What, exactly, is so obnoxious about building to the sidewalk? Why do developers & architects seem hellbound not to do it?

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They've posted a rendering on site:


One thing I think this needs is more windows in the front. The wall looks a bit monolithic to me. However, it seems that the elevator shaft is behind that blank wall.

I wonder who will be going into the second floor space.

Progress as of a couple days ago:


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This is open.

From Memorial Blvd:


From Middleton Ave:


Looking down Memorial from the parking lot. Had this been built to the street, it would have made for a nice streetscape with these neighbors:


Other than the rather suburban site plan, I don't have any real complaints with how the building turned out. The neighborhood has many late 19th/early 20th century buildings with a roughly similar style and scale.

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