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non-profits in Little Rock

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I noticed this little blurb from Real Deals in Arkansas Business and it made me wonder about this non-profit.

"The Charles A. Frueauff Foundation Inc. acquired the 4,292-SF location on the first floor of the Capital Commerce Center at

200 Commerce St. from Arvest Bank of Fayetteville."

I had not heard of this foundation before. It is very involved in Central Arkansas and our state. http://www.frueaufffoundation.com/grant_list/default.asp#one

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The Heifer International Headquarters was recognized - on Earth Day - as one of the "Top Ten" environmentally friendly buildings in the nation this year by the American Institute of Architects. Quite an honor (it should be noted that the Clinton Library was a runner up). Here is a link:


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I'd rather look at a building like Heifer Headquarters than a new mall. Wouldn't it be cool if retail centers took the kind of approach that Heifer took?

You guys know that Little Rock is going to host the Slate 60 again in 2007. That was in the Arkansas Times a few months back. It would be terrific if Arkansas became the target of some of the honorees. A big project in the Delta would be nice. It amazes me how much non-profit/philanthropic sector has contribute to the Little Rock landscape.

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