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Southeast Corridor


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This topic stems from a discussion in the Scaleybark thread.

A couple of UPers have been discussing the pros and cons of Light Rail along a divided freeway. One pointed to the Chicago blue line along I-90 as an example for Charlotte to follow.

I would like to encourage a different model. If CATS and the City do decide to construct a rail line down Independence, I would like to see it run along one side of the road. This would do two things: First, it would allow greater opportunities for TOD along service and secondary roads near the line; and Second, it would, potentially, reduce noise and air quality issues for persons waiting at the stations for the train.

Denver's T-Rex project along I-25 incorporates some of these ideas:


If I had my way, this would be reversed along the SE corridor. The freeway would be sunken a few feet, and the trains would run at street level along the side. In addition to the benefits I already mentioned, this would improve the visibility of the trains. Perhaps my belief is ill founded, but I think more people will appreciate the train, and be inclined to use it, if they see it more often.

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