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Predators in the Stanley Cup Playoffs


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Congratulations to the Predators on an extremely gutsy win against the Sharks yesterday. That was a MUST win and they got the job done this time. The Sharks are an extremely tough opponent and it won't be easy for the Preds to win the series. There's a ton of bad blood between the two teams, and the Sharks beat the Preds last year. The big question is....Can the Predators beat the Sharks this time around? I say yes! What do you think?

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There are so many factors going into this that i could go on for hours. Radulov (3 goals+assist in playoffs) just got suspended for a game. bummer. Hartnell just had his two game misconducts revoked(excellent!). will the refs call a fair game/series? can the predators no holds barred, physical/checking play last? Vokoun has played amazingly, and can he keep this up without Mason's help? what happens if we make it to a second round? does the league want us to lose? Can Forsberg keep up his excellent play? why does everyone hate Zidlicky?

just a few questions to ponder.

i guess i was supposed to put in my two cents instead of posting a bunch of questions, but sorry man, i'm on a freaking roller coaster right now and cant keep my head on straight! Go Preds!!!

Edit: by the way, if you want my guess......the Preds win it in six!

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