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What to do with out of town guests?

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When you have visitors in from out of town what are your must-sees for them while visiting the Triad and beyond? I'm looking for the type of attractions that people of all ages/backgrounds can appreciate. Thanks!

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Here would be my top ten:

1-Old Salem

2-Guilford Courthouse

3-NC Zoo

4-Nascar Shops in area

5-Korner's Folly in Kernersville

6-Pilot Mtn. State Park

7-Mt. Airy Downtown (for the Andy Griffith in all of us)

8-Hanging Rock State Park

9-Horne Creek Living Historical Farm

10-Tanglewood Park

Of course, I have a slightly western Triad bias in my list, but these are all enjoyable!!

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How about all that outlet shopping in Burlington. George's list is pretty good and comprehensive though. I'd love just driving through the hills/mini mountains of the Uwharries, love it throughout there. Also downtown Greensboro in general - cool shops and restaurants and museums and historical buildings -- and sightseeing the Greensboro neighborhoods. Furniture places (like the big dresser) in High Point.

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In Greensboro

- Triad Stage

- Wet'n Wild Emerald Pointe

- Blandwood Mansion

- Natural Science Center

- several downtown museums and art galleries

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I don't think that there is any doubt that Old Salem is by far and away the top "attraction" in the triad area... I have actually never bought a ticket there... so I can't vouch for that but the little area itself is defiently worth a look see... (as long as your out of town guests are American and not european where people routinely live in houses older than the onew in Old Salem...)

as far as other activities... it is hard to say... depends on th person... I am always a fan of a Warhogs or Grasshoppers game.

Tanglewood park

Childress Vineyards is nice also... better wine at Raylen or Westbend but Childress has the nicest facitilies...

Blackwolf in nice for dinner...

if they are not Southen than I always recommend a family style dinning resturant... liky Hillbilly Hideaway... always fun for non-southerners... (actually southern style or soul food cooking is always great for non-southerners... we actually have a real cuisine here in the South that we should be proud of)...

Krispy Kream is also still not bad since it started here and all...

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Old Salem is a shadow of it's former self, at least from what I remember, seems like most of it has become privatized and closed down in the last 20 years, and too expensive for what you get. Last year I was hyping it up to my visiting Wisconsin in-laws who still have the strong connection to Germany and it's culture, and was to be frank a let-down. It is still a great piece of history, but not what it used to be. That bit of negativity out of the way, here is my list:

Guilford Battleground/Natural Science Center

Tour Irving Park

Greensboro Arboretum

Bog/Bicentennial Garden, depending on time of year

O'Henry house and if kids the Children's Museum across street

If golfer play Bryan Park's Championship course

Friendly Center for shopping

Carolina Theatre (GSO)

Belew's Creek

Chinqua Penn estate (one of my favorites, and now reopened)

High Point furniture galleries (downtown), esp. Showplace

High Point Theatre (has some surprisingly good shows)

Castle McCulloch

Old Salem

SciWorks (WS)

Reynolda Gardens/walk Wake Forest

Winery tours (Yadkin valley)

Hanes Mall (if appropriate to your audience)

Hanging Rock

Pilot Mtn.

And you might as well make a jaunt down to Lexington to try the BBQ, will be better than Stamey's in GSO in my humblest opinion.

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