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Lake Norman and ATL's North Fulton Suburbs


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I have cousins in Alpharetta and Roswell, two booming ATL suburbs that line GA 400 similar to how Huntersville and Mooresville etc, are situated along 77. While the population is larger in that area the growth pressures are similar. Trying to make it through Roswell or Alpharetta any day of the week is incredibly frustrating and slow. Traffic backs up all the way down the feeder roads to 400 and curbs cuts for endless strip malls line the way. While Huntersville and the other towns are not perfect they do deserve a lot of credit for being more proactive and not allowing the region to descend into the absolute mess North Fulton has become. It's also great that so much tree coverage has been preserved along 77 heading toward the lake. One could really be in the country along several stretches, and you definitely don't get that feeling in the ATL suburban rings, I hope the planning in Lake Norman continues to be responsible.

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I must respectfully disagree! As a resident of the Lake Norman area, it seems like our towns aren't trying hard enough.

Well, I admit I haven't driven around the Atlanta suburbs lately, but driving around the Lake Norman area has grown from mildly annoying to downright maddening in just the 6 years I've lived in Huntersville. Driving north on 77 is okay much of the time (NOT at "rush" hour though). But try driving from Birkdale (where I live) to Target, which is about 4 miles down Hwy. 73. FOUR miles. TWENTY minutes minimum most of the time! The areas surrounding exits 23, 25, 28 (Cornelius) and 36 (Mooresville) are a nightmare. The so called "back roads" around town are just as crowded as the main arteries. Running a "quick" errand is not within the realm of possibility anymore. It bites!! And now they are building a huge addition to the Northcross shopping center (where Target is, off Exit 25), which is already a motorist nightmare to go anywhere near. So I can't see how Huntersville anyway, is curbing sprawl and congestion. Sam Furr Road is exploding with development, and most of it is along a simple two-lane highway. Everytime I drive it, it's a white-knuckle experience! The same goes for Mooresville, around the exit 36/Hwy 150 corridor. They're paving paradise....

Davidson (exit 30) seems to be the area's model of restraint. It is the one LKN town that really knows how to grow gracefully and maintain its beautiful, small-town charm. hmph.

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