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I saw the film Radiant City this weekend at the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival in Durham, NC. It's billed as a 'documentary on suburban sprawl,' and features testimonies from some planners, authors and other experts in the field.

I've enjoyed several books on planning, design, etc. but haven't seen or heard of many other films on the topic. Anyone else seen any good ones (or bad ones)?

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Delivered Vacant

1992-USA-Social Issues

N.Y. Times Review by Vincent Canby


Like many other working-class cities and neighborhoods, Hoboken, New Jersey came to the attention of avaricious developers and landlords, who wanted to transform its previously affordable neighborhoods and houses into upscale housing for yuppies and commuters. When it became clear to residents that "development" would likely result in the homelessness of many of them, they fought back by electing an anti-development mayor, Tom Vezetti, in 1985. With their active help, after his election, alternatives to development were found. In the middle of his fight to help the working people of the city, the mayor died suddenly, to be replaced by a pro-development interim mayor. Once again, the residents of the city were spared, as an economic downturn slowed pressure to convert ordinary housing into yuppie housing. Some critics complained that the documentary didn't even-handedly present the developers' side of the story, though that was clearly never the intent of this film, which raises many questions about the costs of living in a profit-driven society. ~ Clarke Fountain, All Movie Guide


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"Who Framed Roger Rabbit?"

Judge Doom frames Roger Rabbit after murdering Marvin Acme, a prop gag company founder and owner of toon town. Doom also buys out the Red Car (streetcar) so he can gain a monopoly on LA's transportation network and construct a new freeway, right through Toon Town, home to Roger Rabbit and every other existing cartoon character.

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thanks, colin. sunshine state it is. i don't know why i thought of palmetto - that would imply a south carolina setting; not florida (though i haven't seen the movie...it's probably set in iowa.)

. . . . . . .

and i look forward to digging up more john sayles movies. i love lone star.

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