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New Pueblo Photos


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The Pueblo Metro Area is home to around 150,000 people and is located about 113 miles south of Denver, or about 40 miles south of Colorado Springs. Pueblo is in many ways the economic hub for Southeast Colorado, and is sometimes referred to as Colorado's Second City despite the fact that population wise, it is not. Pueblo's major employers include the Oregon Steel Mill, Colorado State University at Pueblo, and The Colorado Mental Health Institute.

This view of the city from the northwest was taken from "The Big Hill" at the top of 7th Avenue, behind the KOAA-TV studios.


KOAA-TV is the NBC affiliate for the Colorado Springs - Pueblo television market. Originally KCSJ, KOAA's call letters changed after it was purchased by KOA-TV in Denver (now KCNC.) KOAA is no longer associated with KCNC, but it is one of only two Southern Colorado television stations based in Pueblo, and has had the number one rated newscast in the market for nearly 3 decades. It's worth noting the majority of KOAA's news staff is based in the Colorado Springs office, though the control rooms, studio, and anchors are in Pueblo. (I'm a tv news nerd too, sorry) LOL


This is one of my favorite buildings in Colorado. I've heard of it referred to as the Pueblo City-County building, though the sign in front say's it's the Pueblo County Courthouse. I know the Pueblo County commissioners meet here.




My real reason for visiting Pueblo was to update my Colorado forumer friends on new construction in and around the River Walk area of downtown Pueblo. The walk from the City-County building was far, and I managed to catch a few images of the city along the way.

The Wells Fargo Building



I don't know what this building is.



Almost there. This building was under construction last time I was in Downtown Pueblo, this past September.


HARP - The Historic Arkansas River Walk Project has become the cities crown Jewel... and a catalyst for economic development in the downtown area in recent years.


Late in 2006, Verizon opened a new call center on the river walk. There are multiple commercial or mixed-use projects either under construction or proposed for the area. The largest project currently under construction is the new headquarters of the Professional Bull Riders Association, which Pueblo was able to lure out of Downtown Colorado Springs with large financial incentives.




Other developments along The Pueblo River Walk.



The River Walk is not Pueblo's only recent achievement. The Steel city has also managed to build a convention center and Marriott Hotel, and a spectacular library in the past few years.

The Convention Center in September, 2006.


The Hoag Library in September, 2006.



I probably sound like I'm boosting a little... but I just feel like Pueblo is an example of a small city that is doing things right. The River Walk is beautiful, I can actually envision crowds of people eating at outdoor restaraunts on summer evenings there, and people living and working in the area. Coming from a city that is largely unwilling to fund civic improvements (much less basic city functions), I find it impressive.

Hopefully this doorway I spotted walking back to my car never has to be used...


... and things will continue to look sunny in the Steel City.


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