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Green legislation in NC


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I really would like to see more leadership in NC on this issue. I am surprised and happy that Arnold has taken on such goals for California, and I think it would bode well for NC to follow suit. The state needs an industry to replace tobacco, furniture and textiles, and if the leaders of the state played their cards right, could leverage the state's resources to make alternative energy a viable alternative.

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I feel that we should do several things:

  • form state environmental commission on climate change

  • begin a statewide community & business education program promoting awareness and potential economic benefits of environmental stewardship

  • start an incentives-based program to encourage clean energy production and conservation

  • based on that program, implement carbon taxes on heavy CO2 emitters and use money to fund clean/renewable energy and green building initiatives

  • increase the state motor fuels tax ~20 cents/gal each year (until we reach about $1/gal) to encourage more efficient vehicle usage

  • use a portion of additional funds from motor fuels tax increase for additional mass transit and intercity rail funding

  • use remaining funds from tax increases go to NC income tax breaks to help ease the short term burdens

We should tax the things that are considered negative for our society (such as cigarettes, alcohol, etc) and reduce them on positive things such as breaks on home purchses, so it's time to make the connection to the way we live and move about and how that affects our environment. I doubt these would be politically palatable to the General Assembly, but nevertheless, I think it would be a step in the right direction.

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