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[St. Albans] Olde Main pedestrian mall

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St. Albans to pave Olde Main

Key --

1. Olde Main was constructed in the early 1980s as a pedestrian mall. It replaced part of Main Street.

1a. Key components of the mall were park benches, a fountain and a signature clock.

2. In the mall's height, it had a music store, movie theater, retail, professional offices and City Hall.

3. Parking spaces were located only one block away but were 'too far'.

3a. City hall relocated and businesses closed. Today, it has just a few bars, a martial arts studio and many empty storefronts.

3b. The clock and fountain have not worked for 'decades'.

4. Several years ago, the street was reopened to traffic, although the pedestrian mall elements remained. The spring paving project will transform the mall back into a traditional street.

Article information: "St. Albans to pave Olde Main, By Greg Garner, The Charleston Gazette, April 17, 2007"

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Making the Olde new again

Notes --

1. Olde Main Plaza became an enclosed pedestrian mall in the early 1980s. In 2004, it was opened to vehicular traffic.

1a. Since the pedestrian plaza was reopened to traffic, seven buildings have been sold within the project area, and nine new tenants have moved in. About 50 jobs have been added, and 21 businesses now reside in the area.

2. Last month, the mayor proposed the repaving and curbing project. It was approved Monday (May 6) by the City Council.

3. The project will cost $50,000 from the city's paving budget, with additional monies coming from the city's capital improvement fund. The total cost is $112,000.

3a. As a side note, federal dollars were used to create the pedestrian mall.

3b. Work will begin in June and take three weeks to complete. Included are 8-ft. sidewalks, 6-in. curbs, new streetlights and paving.


Article information: "Making the Olde new again, By Sarah K. Winn, Charleston Gazette, May 08, 2007"

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