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Little Rock National

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What's up guys?

- Sorry if this has been discussed already, I'm a little new around here.

I have recently been hearing rumblings concerning a new airport terminal at Little Rock National, and it has me pretty excited.

I see LIT as a little bit of an embarrassment now, not because it's not well kept, but because of it's miniature size (kinda silly I guess).

Supposedly the Airport is reviewing wheather to renovate the current terminal, or build a completely new one.

The current terminal was built to serve 1 million passengers a year (which is less than XNA served this past year).

Last year LIT served 2.6 million.

The new terminal would apparently be in a Y-Shape, and contain 20 gates, up from the crowded 12 it has now. Costs would be around $250 million, however some think renovation would rival the cost of simply building the new one.;siteSection=4

It'll be a while, but I would like to see it happen.

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Since we already have the forum posting

"Big News For Little Rock National Airport ", can this topic be removed?

I already cross-posted Sammy00 post.

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