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Vikings Release Master Plan for New Stadium


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ROMA and the Hoisington Koegler Group of Minneapolis have released a master plan centering around a new Vikings stadium. The plan ties together a redeveloped Downtown East (location of stadium), with the surrounding neighborhoods, including the core of downtown Mpls., Elliot Park and the Mills waterfront district. The area redeveloped area will also include a "Winter Garden" light rail train station which would be adjacent to the new stadium.

The ROMA master plan includes:

-- The realignment of the downtown area through the creation of new east-west and north-south streetscapes that connect better the downtown core to the Mississippi River and to other neighborhoods

-- Adaptive reuse of historic buildings

-- A stadium design that provides a new "front door" to the City, a continually active plaza and new development opportunities on the stadium site

-- An enhanced transit hub with a Winter Garden that will feature destination entertainment and an intermodal facility, completing the City's front door and providing an additional catalyst for Downtown East redevelopment

-- A new in-town "live-work" neighborhood

-- A revitalized Chicago Avenue

-- The extension of Washington Avenue redevelopment to the east to forge a connection with the Riverfront and Mills districts.


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The Gophers are finally getting their own stadium. University Avenue reconstruction began in March and full scale construction begins in July.

TCF Stadium Features:

* 50,000 capacity, expandable to 80,000

* 36 suites

* 1000 outdoor club seats and 300 indoor club seats

* 59 loge boxes

* Magnificent Minneapolis skyline view

* University of Minnesota team store

* Large indoor club lounge for game day and non-game day use

* Visiting team and auxiliary locker rooms for recreational sports and tournament use

* 20,000 square foot facility for the marching band

* Views of field from West hospitality plaza

* Colonnade circling the entire stadium, providing a lit and covered walkway




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Oh man I would hope they leave it open throughout the season. My understanding is that there are still a lot of old school Vikings fans around here - those who attended Vikes games at Metropolitan Stadium - who want the games played outdoors - sub zero temps., rain, snow or whatever. The new owner (Zygi Wilf) actually wanted an outdoor stadium, but the city wants another Super Bowl, NCAA Final Four and the regionals so it must have a retractable roof.
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Who is paying for all the new stadiums up there. The Vikings, Twins, and university all building stadiums roughly at the same time is crazy. Hopefully they are all privately financed and that tax dollars aren't going to these, b/c if that's the case, I think that is wasteful spending when they already have a dome that isn't all that old (built in the 70s I think).

BTW, the renderings do look cool.

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