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Lafayette plant starts production Camry Hybrids for Toyota

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Today will mark the official start of production of Toyota's Camrys (Hybrids) at the Lafayette Subaru plant under an agreement reached last year. The establishment of this new co-endeavor by Toyota with Suburu has created the largest investment in Indiana this year at 230 million dollars. The line is starting up with 350 new hires, with 650 more to come when the line ramps up to full production this winter. Up to 100,000 cars could be coming off the line a year once full production is obtained.

This is a great economic development for the city of Lafayette. The closing of one of the Subaru lines was a major loss to local economy, but the quick entry of Toyota provided a great reprieve to the city's industrial base. This new line should hopefully provide a long term boost to the plant's operational future and the city's economic health.

Article Source Indy Star:


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That's great news! I recalled some speculation on the shifting of some Toyota Camry production from the Georgetown, Kentucky plant to the Lafayette, Indiana Subaru facility that went along the lines of --

"Does that mean Toyota is stopping its investment in the Georgetown facility?"

Seems like both Georgetown and Lafayette received a great deal out of this. Lafayette is keeping its jobs, Georgetown is keeping its current capacity (since hybrids are a different animal, it would make sense that they are produced elsewhere).

Also of note, is this the same plant that is being featured on the new Subaru television commercials? The zero landfill waste, environmentally friendly plant?

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^ Yep it is. I thought it was really cool to see them tout that factory on national television, because nobody really knows outside of Lafayette that Subaru (and now Toyota) has major operations in the city and what a high level operation that facility is. Its a great looking plant in person- very clean and modern looking.

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